Who can help us to get funds for the poor?

Doesn't every child have the right to go to school? Doesn't every human being have the right on health care?

Children are dirty in this area; they're probably never washed. During the corona period they were not even able to wash their hands. People died, not knowing why. The Maasai make their own medicine because doctors/hospitals and pharmacies are too far away. People here die of HIV and malaria. Women give birth at home, where the elder women give instructions. They tell pregnant women not to eat much, otherwise the baby will become too fat. Pregnant women - but also their families - don't eat healthy. They only eat some vegetables (maize) after the rain season and never heard about nutritions. They don't eat fruits.

We are going to teach the children in the morning and the adults in the afternoon. We'll learn them about eating healthy and growing vegetables all year long. We'll drill 5 water wells in the area so that they water their plants. We'll plant fruit trees with them and learn them to give their children at least 1 piece per day.

Violence, girls circumcising and child marriages have to stop in Tanzania! It all starts with education, nice jobs, getting strong!

Who can help us to get funds to build a school and/or a health care center for the poor 7000 Maasai?