Webinar series highlights inclusive ICT education innovations!

Image with text announcing the Zero Project/IAAP/G3ict Webinar series on "Highlighting 2020 Educational Innovative Initiatives""The Zero Project, and International Association of Accessibility Professionals: IAAP, a division of G3ict – The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs, have come together to offer a series of free innovating webinars. Through sharing best practices that are not only global, scalable, and either free or at low-cost, we are hopeful these solutions can be used to speed up the process of implementing the United Nation Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

Each of these webinars will highlight best practices and solutions from the 2020 Zero Project Awards on Education and ICT – the first series includes Benetech, Fundacion Once, and Scify.

  • Benetech, a US non-profit organization supporting people with disabilities through software, launched Bookshare – a global accessible virtual library for people with print disabilities.

  • Fundación ONCE, a leading Spanish foundation with a focus on disabilities, has created open and accessible online training courses for current and future professionals and service providers working in a variety of sectors.

  • SciFY is a non-profit organization based in Athens that created Games for the Blind, a series of free electronic games designed for blind children as well as an online platform allowing anyone to create and share their own game."

The 2020 Zero Project Awards included 436 nominations spanning 79 countries! For the full list of 75 Inclusive ICT and Education practices from the 2020 Awards, see here.