4 Ways To Reduce The Problem Of Poverty In India

The problem of Poverty in India is catastrophic. We can’t ignore it because it’s in plain sight. 

2/3rd of people in India live in poverty

There are villages that don’t have basic access to electricity and a proper sanitation

The problem isn’t as pressing as it once was, we have made rapid progress in terms of alleviating poverty, gravitating towards urbanization, a lot of schemes have been launched that has increased employment in the country. 

But there still remain some areas that need to be paid attention to.

1. Education

Here is the thing, the Education system in India isn’t the best, but over the course of years we have made strides of progress here and very recently the education system has been changed which only brings hope.

People from poverty aren’t aloof to the right to proper education, there are associations that are reaching these places and providing the future of India the right to an education that they deserve.

Conditioning into the proper education system ensures a future that is poverty proof.

2. Skill Development

Education isn’t enough to increase a person’s likelihood of employability or inculcate money-making skills. We live in a fast-paced world that is continuously evolving even as you read this. To keep up with this dynamic world what you need more than anything else are in-demand skills that can make you employable and put you into a position where you can make money.

Skill Development and Entrepreneurship are observed over the years to be making the maximum impact in terms of employment generation and poverty alleviation.

Even people in the poverty can acquire some basic skills like English comprehension, soft skills, technical training that can make them more employable.

3. Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure development helps the country in two ways, it dramatically improves connectivity & accessibility, attracts foreign direct investment opportunities, reduces transportation costs attributed to long travels and overhauls.

And on the other side, with Infrastructure development taking place it creates a pool of employment opportunities that the poor can take advantage of find labor and make a living.

In a nation like India, the room for Infrastructure development is still high lot’s of areas needs proper infrastructure development.

4. Agricultural Growth

Agricultural growth has been perceived as a significant factor that adds to checked decrease in neediness. The expe­rience of Punjab and Haryana in the last part of the sixties and in the seventies affirmed this backward connection between agricultural growth and neediness. 

The growth in rural yield in these states pushed by the selection of new-high yielding innovation caused a stamped decrease in neediness in these states. Provincial neediness proportion in Punjab and Haryana was 6.4 and 8.3 percent individually in 1999-2000. 

Hence, different states have been encouraged to follow the way of Punjab and Haryana for a decrease in rural neediness. Along these lines, Late Prof. S. Chakravarty states, "the answer for the issue of provincial neediness necessitates that little ranchers should likewise be offered admittance to land-enlarging advancements". Via land expanding advancements he implies the new high-yielding innovation spoke to by green unrest that happened first in Punjab and Haryana.