Storytelling Roadmap: A Toolkit for Literacy Practitioners

The Storytelling Roadmap was created to help literacy organizations learn and master the art of communication and storytelling, so they can amplify their organization’s impact and become more powerful advocates for literacy.

Each “stop” on the Roadmap is packed with practical information, tips, examples, and creative prompts to help individuals and organizations become master storytellers. They include:

  • Roadmap Stop 1: Why Storytelling is Important

  • Roadmap Stop 2: Communicating with Key Audiences

  • Roadmap Stop 3: Identifying Great Stories

  • Roadmap Stop 4: Identifying the Best Delivery Channels for Your Audience

  • Roadmap Stop 5: Planning and Budgeting for Storytelling

  • Roadmap Stop 6: Obtaining Consent and Using Imagery

  • Roadmap Stop 7: Creating an Accessible Storybank

Each “stop” also contains a relection worksheet to shift learnings into practical insights and actions that individuals and organizations can start using right away.

The Roadmap was created by members of the Project Literacy Community of Practice, supported by Pearson and facilitated by R4D's Center for Education Innovations. Over 18 months, across 14 timezones, and with 24 literacy organizations represented, this tenacious group of literacy experts and communications professionals at literacy organizations came together virtually to first discuss and deconstruct great storytelling, and then reassemble it into a format that will serve experienced storytelling pros and non-communications professionals alike.