School On The Go

We are in the greatest education emergency of our lifetime. The covid-19 pandemic threatens to create lost generations of children without education.

A major challenge for remote learning is rampant inequality in access to technology. According to the World Bank report on EdTech 2020, households of primary-aged students in Africa, only 30% of the poorest households have a radio while 79% of the richest do.

We are piloting the first ever low cost high impact innovative educational audio "School On The Go" to expand access to technology and reduce the digital divide for students and learners with stronger socio-economic vulnerabilities across communities in north central Nigeria.

Our team launched School On The Go Community Learning Center to commence the project Pilot in Septemebr, 2020 in lokongoma, the largest underserved community located in Lokoja, Kogi State, north central Nigeria

This centers allows students to learn in groups remotely with the School On The Go Device.

Each center has the capacity of taking an estimated number of 15-25 students in certain age bracket and classes per time to learn in groups with the support and guidance from School On The Go faculty member.

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