Newly launched ECD MOOC by EdX -> ECD: Global Strategies for Implementation

Examine best practices in child and family policies, advocacy, financing, and pathways to scale—learning how to generate innovative, scalable intervention strategies that supports early childhood development. Together, Harvard University and UNICEF bring global experience from communities to policy makers, evidence and experts from around the world.

About this course

How can we ensure that we don’t fail the next generation of children? What investments do we need to make an impact? What implementation decisions do we need to make for program success?

The course begins with a review of basic early childhood development concepts and successful implementation programs around the world. We learn why some programs succeed where others do less well and what strategies are key for enabling widespread adaptation of quality programming. For those working around the world in early childhood development programs, this course allows you to reflect and evaluate your own organization by reviewing real-world case successes, as well as a new global perspective from other learners. You will complete the course with new plans and ideas ready to implement within your program.

What you'll learn

  • Gain knowledge about the state of the science on effective interventions for early childhood development.

  • Learn what makes programs successful around the world in supporting early childhood development and why some programs fail.

  • Reflect on changes for your program, becoming familiar with the steps to design successful interventions that support early childhood development and understand what services you need to prioritize.

  • Explore strategies to enable widespread adaptation of quality programming and evaluate the effectiveness of your programming.

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