New Tool to Support Global Competence Development in Schools | AFS Intercultural Programs

A revealing new pilot study on global competence development in schools found that 78% of over 450 schools surveyed did not have adequate resources to prepare students for an increasingly diverse future, reports AFS Intercultural Programs. To better understand and address this challenge, AFS is launching the AFS Global Competence Readiness Index for Schools, a free self-assessment tool and resource kit for primary and secondary schools. By taking part in the AFS Global Competence Readiness Index, educators can: - Reflect and self-assess how their school fosters global competence in the classroom and beyond, - Generate a profile of their school along with specific recommendations on how to launch or improve their intercultural learning programs and other activities, - Obtain resources to improve or develop new teaching practices that promote their students’ global preparedness, and - Understand how their school compares to others in their country when it comes to preparing a future-ready population and workforce. The AFS Global Competence Readiness Index for Schools was developed by AFS Intercultural Programs with input from OECD, the developers of the Global Competence Framework.