New EdTech Hub resource: Top 10 Q's on Gender Equity, Social Inclusion and Out-Of-School Learning

The EdTech Hub recently participated in a DFID / Girls’ Education Challenge COVID-19 webinar focused on how to stay committed to issues regarding gender and social inclusion during the COVID-19 crisis. The event included development professionals from 21 countries including the UK, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Nepal. Following the webinar, the EdTech Hub compiled the Top 10 Questions and Zoé Allier-Gagneur and Caitlin Moss Coflan set out to provide answers -- resulting in the development of this open-access resource.

Some of the questions the EdTech Hub tackled include:

  1. What are some good practices to support girls to engage with technology, to ensure educational programmes do not do harm, and to address the digital gender divide?

  2. How can we engage groups with low technological understanding or technophobia?

  3. How can we engage groups with a lack of literacy, who have recently begun schooling, or who have never been to school before?

  4. How can tech, no- and low- tech options help teachers and local government staff support their vulnerable students?

Check out their answers (along with a ton of excellent resources) now!