mEducation Alliance Announces a series of virtual Symposia events

In addition to the recently held Going Global event, the mEducation Alliance and COVID-19 ed tech partners will be hosting at least three additional virtual Symposia events in the coming months. Presenters have been selected from the 2020 Symposia and COVID-19 ed tech idea calls. The Alliance will publish the preliminary list of presenters and final dates, including opportunities for general registration, in the weeks preceding each even. The upcoming Symposia events are: 

  • Coding Global (tentatively July 15th) - featuring organizations supporting global, national and local digital coding efforts.

  • Hands on Educational Games for Lifelong Learning (August) - tech and non-tech games for advancing subject learning (e.g., STEM, literacy,) and advancing socio-emotional learning.

  • Play Every Day (multi-day event in September 2020) - our largest virtual series event which will feature a range of tech and non-tech play-based interventions for formal and non-formal educational settings.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the Symposia series and/or individual virtual events identified above, please e-mail the mEducation Alliance team at