Innovative Finance for Edu. after Covid-19 - Bertha Centre Webinar

Innovative finance for education after Covid-19: a webinar

Join the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship as they delve into the findings of a recent discussion document on new funding flows for education. The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating effects on health and economic systems, and the knock-on effects on education systems will be felt for years, if not for a whole generation, unless radically addressed. With this in mind, JET Education Services (JET) conducted a researchers’ bootcamp with the purpose of finding real-time solutions to the pressures being placed on education systems by COVID-19, particularly in South Africa, using an evidence-based approach.

Join the webinar on 15th October 2020
at 4:00pm SAST (10am EST) here.

The webinar will be followed by a 2 part learning series on impact investing and performance based funding for education.

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