Global Literacy Assessment Dashboard

Link: Global Literacy Assessment Dashboard

Description: Global Literacy Assessment Dashboard  The Global Literacy Assessment Dashboard (GLAD) is a crowd-sourced inventory of literacy assessments from around the world. GLAD was developed to help literacy program staff, teachers, researchers, and other literacy practitioners more easily explore and identify literacy assessments that are appropriate for their unique contexts, ultimately enabling them to better serve the child, youth, and adult learners with whom they work.   The searchable database includes information on each assessment, including literacy skills assessed, language, age groups, implementation considerations, and more.   GLAD was collectively developed by members of the Project Literacy Community of Practice, a collaborative learning network of literacy practitioners from over 20 countries. GLAD continues to be updated with new assessments through contributions from literacy practitioners like you.   To contribute an assessment that you have used and other literacy practitioners may find of interest, complete the GLAD Submission Form.

Type: Database

Author: Project Literacy Community of Practice, Measuring Impact Working Group 2018