Sept 15 - Global Education Learning Series: EduFinance Findings and Lessons from the Non-state School Sector

The rapid growth in enrollment in non-state schools, particularly low-fee private schools, is one of the most interesting phenomena in the education sector. Affordable non-state schools — including not-for-profit, for-profit, faith-based, and community schools — can play an important role in education provision, especially in conflict and crisis contexts. Growth in this sector is concentrated in low and lower-middle income countries and is often driven by a variety of challenges, including demographic trends, governments’ constrained fiscal space, and conflict and crisis situations. Not engaging with non-state schools would mean missing out on a tremendous opportunity, and would result in not reaching large swaths of school-age populations in partner countries.

This panel discussion will bring together practitioners and researchers to explore opportunities and challenges around non-state education. Panelists will discuss lessons from their work with non-state schools, government partners, and communities, as well as findings from their research.

This event is part of the Global Education Learning Series.

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