Education Disrupted, Education Reimagined Part III -- School Leadership During & Beyond COVID-19

Join WISE for the third installment of the WISE Education Disrupted, Education Reimagined convening series, in partnership with Salzburg Global Seminar.

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, education conversation had turned toward building a 21st century learning paradigm, a model that would ensure a resilient, agile, and collaborative problem solver capable of taking on the challenges of our ever-changing world. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that the time to implement such a future-forward approach is now. But if we are serious about accelerating such transformation of our learning systems, isn’t it also necessary to consider the implications for our educators and school leaders?

Part III will be a public online to consider the following key themes and questions:

  1. Leadership, Innovation and the Future of Schooling: What does 21st century school leadership look like in a post-COVID-19 world? How is this reflective of the changes taking place in education systems and structures?

  2. New Relational Models and Dynamics in School Leadership: Who gets to be a leader in the school systems of tomorrow? Who gets agency to act in certain spheres? What are the implications of the shifting roles and responsibilities of school leadership on how we train the education workforce?

  3. Leadership and Equity: How can we build more equitable systems for the future? What is the role of school leaders in ensuring that schools and systems are built back in a fairer, more equitable, way?

Visit to watch Part III live or catch the replay.

You can also view the replay of Part I and Part II by visiting the link above.

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