Collaborating with CEI

At CEI, we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. In fact, just the opposite. Our mission is to provide one central hub of information that global education actors can feed into and make use of in order to combat the fragmented nature of our field and catalyze connection and collaboration.

With this in mind, we have developed a number of different approaches to partnering with like-minded organizations and networks to maximize the impact of our virtual community.

  • Custom profile and updates: education actors, organizations, and stakeholders are able to create their own profile on CEI to share updates about their work. Once this profile is set, users can use CEI as a communications tool to push announcements, share blog posts, launch new research products, or share calls for funding or collaboration. These updates are streamed to CEI’s community of nearly 600 users (and growing) through their feeds and weekly email digests. 

  • Hosting and featuring content: for organizations with an existing set of program data or resources without a dynamic and searchable home, we can offer the CEI platform as a place to migrate their content. This means shared content will become part of CEI (with all-rights attributed), be linked to relevant organization profiles, and come up for users searching the database through relevant tags related to topic, region, and initiative. 

  • Custom community pages: organizations, networks, and communities of practice, can have their own community pages on CEI. Community pages serve as a dedicated way to group actors focused on a specific topic or initiative, enabling them to collaborate together and coordinate on joint initiatives. In addition to interacting on the community page itself, members also receive weekly email digests of content flowing through their respective communities. Currently this is only available as a public feature, but private communities are in our pipeline for development. 

  • Parallel (but integrated!) networks: our newest (and maybe most exciting?!) offer is the ability to create custom networks for our partners, with their own content and taxonomy, that are integrated directly into the CEI platform. Networks like these can exist and be curated on their own, managing their own profiles and memberships, but still feed public content directly into the CEI platform so it is accessible to our community. 

  • Research, analysis, and joint learning: R4D's Global Education team (the managers of CEI) are also available for additional research, toolkit development, and curation of communities of practice, and other services as listed in our education team strategy.

Each of these offers come with different resources and capacity depending on the needs of each partner. To find out more please reach out to Daniel Plaut ( and Kavita Hatipoglu (