Closing the Gap between Technology & Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the important sectors of the Indian economy. As it contributes one-sixth of the national income. Improvements in the Agricultural sector reduces poverty directly as it employs 50% of the Indian workforce, raises farm incomes, and improves the end product and economy. 

Now it is possible for farmers to utilize data and technology to improve yields. New Innovations in this field can spark a cultural phenomenon, like the Green Revolution which help India become self-sufficient by using modern agricultural methods. 

While a lot has been improved in this sector, it always has been hard for farmers to have access to the latest and greatest technology out there, mostly due to financial constraints and lack of knowledge. 

Modern technology, coupled with some innovative ideas can help shift this sector to greater glory. Here are 3 ways of how farmers can benefit from innovations in the sector. 

Educating Farmers 

A simple and obvious but often neglected area while focusing on improvements in the agricultural sector is Education. With Jio, Internet adoption in India has exploded and it is mostly via smartphone. A huge bunch of these first-time Internet users is farmers. Many of whom still rely upon traditional farming techniques, natural water irrigation, and development techniques. Not to forget the issues like over-pumping, soil disintegration and floods are significant dangers to Indian farmers all over the country.  

Leveraging the presence of the Internet, one can build a remote solution to educate farmers on such issues and how they can avoid this. Heck, they can be even updated on the latest techniques like vertical farming, etc to improve overall yield.  

Leveraging Data-Based Predictions 

Big Data can improve and grow agriculture more efficiently with data-backed results. Farmers with the data available can precisely predict what kind of crop can be suitable for the current nature of the soil measure using sensors for the kind of climatic conditions and future forecasts. While even going as down as to help the farmers choose the type of fertilizers that can be utilized at that very moment. 

While AI has ventured into many industries, in India it has focussed mostly on the tech market. Predicting e-commerce customer behaviors and whatnot. A push in the agricultural sector is briefly required. As the Data-driven learnings given to farmers can assist them with timely decisions which can provide astounding outcomes. 

Technology Aids 

Technology has seen a massive shapeshift just last two decades. From drones to single-function bots there a lot of ways technology as a whole can help improve the experience for farmers. From using drones for scanning and water sprinkling to sensors for detecting abnormalities to bots for doing tedious repetitive tasks like seeding. Possibilities are just endless.  

In the end  

What I would like to point out is that, while we strive for excellence in the agricultural sector, we must understand the nature of the market, like price sensitivity, and build solutions around that. An efficient solution isn’t one that works better but it is one that is accessible to the targeted audience.