Closing July 20th -- $1M Challenge to co-design solutions grounded in Universal Design for Learning

Logo for the UnrestrICTed Challenge: Literacy and Learning Without Limits for All ChildrenAll Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development (ACR GCD) is accepting expressions of interest for one more week! This is a four-stage Challenge and awards of up to $1 million will be issued to solvers with winning concept papers at the final stage of the competition.

“The UnrestrICTed Challenge, with its focus on scalable ICT solutions to support learning for children with disabilities, is timely,” said Rosemary McKay, A/g Assistant Secretary at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, an ACR GCD partner. “Amidst this COVID-19 crisis, all children should have access to learning opportunities.”

"ACR GCD will prioritize submissions for the UnrestrICTed Challenge that focus on Nepal, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific, and Rwanda. Other eligible contexts include Bangladesh, Indonesia, Laos, Malawi, and the Philippines. Solutions that have already been implemented in these contexts are preferred, but solvers may also propose solutions that were tested in similar contexts that can be successfully transitioned to scale."

Technical or contextual experts—including local Disabled Persons Organizations (DPOs), and other organizations of the eligible countries—are also encouraged to register to contribute their expertise to the co-design process during stage 2 of the challenge.