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Dear Colleagues, AFS Intercultural Programs will convene its inaugural AFS Global Conference from September 26-28, 2018 in Budapest, Hungary. The theme of the conference is: Global Competence: Our Future, Our Responsibility. This event will be a unique opportunity for real alignment and cooperation among all sectors—educators, policymakers, NGOs, community and business leaders—that have the need and the resources to develop global competence in all learning and training environments that extend beyond formal education. The call for proposals is now open, and we welcome your best practices, innovative ideas, research findings and policy-oriented perspectives on global competence. Submit a proposal for a panel, workshop, poster presentation or "idea date" and join us in Budapest to empower educators and learners with essential 21st-century skills. The deadline to submit proposals is March 12, 2018. Today’s economies are more global, and local communities more diverse. We are more interconnected than ever before, change is faster. Educating people of all ages to become globally competent and able to to learn, live and work together is more important than ever. The Conference will cover 5 tracks: Track 1: 21st century education systems and global competence Track 2: Empowering primary and secondary school teachers to foster global competence Track 3: Incorporating global competency in higher education and professional development Track 4: Supporting global competence development beyond formal education systems Track 5: Bridging the gaps to ensure alignment among all stakeholders. Visit for more information or to submit your proposals. Contact Hazar Yildirim, for more information. About AFS: AFS Intercultural Programs, Inc. is a global network of 60 independent, locally-led and governed organizations and a global organization that works to accelerate the collective impact of the network. Through our international exchange programs, education initiatives, volunteerism and advocacy, we provide more people with the intercultural skills and understanding to actively contribute to society and create change. Each year, more than 12,000 young people go on AFS Programs and there are more than 100 intercultural education events and social impact projects in 94 countries, supported by 50,000 AFS volunteers and staff, along with thousands of host families.