Mango Tree's Northern Uganda Literacy Programme

Mango Tree's Northern Uganda Literacy Programme

Mango Tree provides innovative learning resources to facilitate interpersonal communication and grassroots education initiatives across East Africa. Since 2009, Mango Tree has been implementing the Northern Uganda Literacy Program (NULP) to address the complex challenge of early grade reading. After a successful pilot randomized control trial impact evaluation in 2013, the program scaled up in 2014 through additional funding from existing and new donors. The scale began in 2014 with 128 primary schools involved. The Northern Uganda Literacy Program includes a significant M&E element, which is aligned with a continuous improvement workstream. Activities include on-going assessments of training, student literacy development tests and comp...

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Mango Tree's Northern Uganda Literacy Programme

Our vision is that African citizens have the opportunity to read, write, and engage with ideas in all the languages they use in their daily lives.

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    Mango Tree, through partnering with other organizations such as NGOs, has been able to extend its reach to countries across Africa. In its early years, Mango Tree developed predominantly primary education materials, with a focus on strengthening education in the classroom. Since then, Mango Tree has diversified its services to include teacher guides, curriculum design, developing materials for health education and agricultural knowledge, among others.

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    Uganda, South Sudan, Zambia, Sudan, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Mozambique, Kenya, Ghana