Teachers Without Borders

Teachers Without Borders

Teachers Without Borders has supported teacher leaders in the area of peace and human rights, teacher professional development, earthquake science and safety, education in emergencies, and girls' education.

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  • Is TWB like Doctors Without Borders?

    Yes and No. Teachers Without Borders, like Doctors Without Borders, is designed to alleviate suffering. If there is a medical crisis in the short or long term, Doctors Without Borders (Medecins sans Frontiers, or MSF) sends physicians to communities worldwide that lack the medical infrastructure or are in desperate need of additional medical assistance. We, on the other hand, focus on local capacity, with a global network behind them.

  • Who is TWB's core audience?

    TWB’s website is attractive to teacher leaders, mentors, and organizations, but anyone with valuable information to share can be a part of our organization. The profile of a TWB member reflects global diversity.

  • What are the benefits of joining TWB?

    TWB members receive the benefit of affiliation. They want to make a difference. They join not to “get” something from us but to offer their wisdom and voice that can ensure we realize our mission and vision to connect teacher development with global change. Any TWB member has full access to our courses and toolkits and can share them with others.

  • Does TWB offer Internships, Volunteer Opportunities?

    TWB has an internship selection process that identifies the most capable and motivated students to join the TWB team. Members volunteer to support our courses or create new ones, support our themes (initiatives), and add value to actions on the ground. TWB Fellows are graduate students who can publish their research with us.

  • How does TWB support its members?

    TWB provides its members with tools, advice, structure, support, training—all of which are intended to enhance the quality of their professional lives. Our value comes not so much from what we “deliver,” but from the projects and programs the members themselves develop. In short, members support each other. If a community of teachers requests particular curricula, TWB will connect this group of members with another group of members that has experience in developing and using such curricula. If TWB members experience a national disaster that hinders teachers’ ability to serve students, TWB will solicit help from other members to address the challenge as a global community. In short, TWB supports its members by helping to restore dignity, in practical ways, to the teaching profession.

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Teachers Without Borders

Since 2000, Teachers Without Borders has been connecting teacher leaders to information and each other in order to close the education divide

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