Let's Develop Childhood!

Let's Develop Childhood!
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In our schools, young children from different religions, castes, communities, families and different backgrounds come in the form of students. They have some confusions, problems, fears, embarrassments and sometimes they are sexually harassed and sexually harassed. As a result, students do not fully participate in the educational processes that take place in schools. As a result, the child becomes bored with education or drops out of school. So that the inner qualities do not develop in it and the society and the nation suffer a great loss.While this workshop is going on, four children are being abused every day in our state. Such a report is in Breaking News. So what will be the percentage of harassment and harassment !? It is our misfo...

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Let's Develop Childhood!

Complaint Box: -Students write confusion in the paper and put it in this box. School family and SMC help. Atonement box: -Teachers, SMC members and students themselves admit the mistake.

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