Practical Education Network

Practical Education Network

Practical Education Network (PEN) empowers K­-12 teachers in resource­-constrained environments to engage students in practical education; by offering a series of workshops in which STEM trainers learn, design, and share hands-on activities using low-cost and locally-available materials. We partner with Ghana's Ministry of Education and the Ghana Association of Science Teachers. We serve thousands of teachers in Ghana who do not have the training to address the resource constraints they face every day​ in their classroom. From our survey results, 80% of teachers state the primary obstacle to doing practical science as being the lack of materials. After our workshops, 70% of teachers indicate a positive perception change in their ability...

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Practical Education Network

Hands-on​, minds up

Accra, Greater Acra, Ghana
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    Practical Education Network equips Ghanaian STEM teachers to learn, design, and share hands-on activities which complement the national curriculum and are created from low-cost and locally available materials. We have designed an MIT-style, constructivist learning experience around each of the activities in the Ghanaian standard syllabus, enabling teachers to form their own understanding while collaboratively designing low-cost hands-on activities to bring into their classrooms. PEN has built a robust teacher training program over the last three years. In that time, we have trained over 3000 teachers and equipped 100 local-level trainers. In total,​ we have impacted over 500,000 lives and built our brand locally. We are now moving our public and private partnerships forward to help scale the program.

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