Ghana Reads

Ghana Reads

Implemented by Open Learning Exchange Ghana, the Ghana Reads program focuses on providing interactive teaching and educational resources to improve literacy rates among low-income elementary students in Ghana. The program works specifically in the Ga West district of the Greater Accra region, using experienced coaches as a way to help teachers transition to more interactive teaching methods, breaking the traditional instructor-student hierarchy. In addition to teacher training, Ghana Reads also focuses on providing digital educational resources to its beneficiary schools. Through the program, 2 rural elementary schools are given basic e-learning libraries (BeLLs), which consist of the resources needed for large group lesson delivery, as ...

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Ghana Reads

The Ghana Reads program helps address the need for universal literacy for all Ghanaian children by creating access to quality teaching and learning materials through low-cost technologies.

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    The program started in January 2013 with 10 schools and approximately 3,600 plus pupils. In September 2013, 10 more schools were added under the ACR supported phase of the program. In Juanuary 2014, Word Vision Ghana started supporting new deployments of the program in other parts of the country. Currently the program is in 7 districts in 4 regions impacting around 9,000 plus pupils, more than 200 teachers, and over 50 communities. Resources in the BeLL (Basic eLearning Library) have grown tremedously with OLE Ghana working with teachers, pupils and resource developers to create new resources to address indentified needs of the end users. The program with the blessings of the Curriculum Research and Development Divion of the Ghana Education Service has incorporated mother tougne material in all 11 languages officially used in Ghanaian basic schools at the early age. Additionally, an online version of the learning management system that accompanies the BeLL platform has been developed. An online repository of K12 literacy resources has been developed to help feed the school BeLLs.It marks also the beginning of a National eLibrary of K12 teaching and learning materials.

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