FICE Education

FICE Education

FICE is a Social Enterprise that believes that lasting changes to society can only come from ubiquitous, high quality, market relevant educational interventions to youth around the world. FICE promotes market relevant education. It strives to create a coherent innovation and entrepreneurship oriented ecosystem for Indian youth. FICE will leverage its corporate, academic and federal networks to provide career oriented experiential learning opportunities to youth in India with specific focus on enhancing the innovation and entrepreneurship quotient of young adults from information technology, business management and science backgrounds.

  • Year of Inception


  • Total Outcomes

    2,000+ colleges and schools impacted; 2,000+ faculty members trained; Around 100 Intelligent Systems Labs have been set up across India

  • Vision for 2019

    FICE will reach out to at least 2,500 institutions and 2,0 million students across India by the year 2019 and will help create an innovation oriented, entrepreneurial ecosystem that will contribute significantly to India’s growth.

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FICE Education

FICE is focused on bridging the academia-industry divide, enhancing student employability, promoting innovation and creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Bangalore, India