Summary: EscriVamos uses education technology to teach secondary school students creative writing and enables them to publish their memoirs electronically via a digital gallery. --- EscriVamos is an education program that utilizes Tablet Technology and the Workshop Model in the classroom to promote love of reading and a passion for expression among Secondary students in El Salvador. During the workshops, students have access to a mobile library of 300 high quality books not only as reading material, but also as model texts to develop, design and write their own Memoirs. The need for EscriVamos arose because of the nature of classrooms in El Salvador, which rely on rote memorization and dictation. Students thus do not see these spaces...

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EscriVamos uses education technology to teach secondary school students creative writing and enables them to publish their memoirs electronically via a digital gallery.

Facts & Figures
  • Description of Scale and Reach

    Escrivamos has grown in 2014 as a revenue-generating program working with after-school centers. Later this year, through grant-funding, we will be replicating the program with 100 additional youth in the juvenile-justice system. This year we have worked with 24 students in a Memoir Unit of Study over 25 classes. We have enlarged our mobile library to include more than 300 high quality books as well as increased the book check outs available per week. The routines in the classroom have become shared responsibilities so to empower students within the context of being a member of a community of writers and learners. The academic phrases used during dialogue have also developed from being standardized phrases to become more natural, authentic phrases that students feel more comfortable using. Moreover, Jennifer, as the lead teacher, has been involved in professional development (Andover Bread Loaf) to enrich the curricula based on a cultural sustaining pedagogy through workshop methodology that is oriented to value and support the language and the culture of students and their communities while learning and gaining access to dominant cultures. This year, EscriVamos will implement the Soy Autor program in a juvenile detention center to bring writing and reading to their spaces. Also, there will be emphasis on teacher training so to empower the administration and teachers to make literacy a sustainable project in the center. In addition, a variety units of study will be created; historical fiction, poetry, and a deeper curricula to address Memoir. Preferably, students that have already been in the workshop will participate in the new workshop as we understand the value of following up a process that has been both healing and creative. Moreover, a group of young mentors will be promoted by ongoing spoken word poetry workshops that will address their own sense of awareness and expression, as well as their ability to address social issues in their contexts. This mentors will also have the support of international and recognized writers, poets, artist and writing teachers that will coach them in both their writing and their role as mentors. Finally, a digital platform will be developed in collaboration of teachers from all over the world that belong to the Bread Loaf network, so students can rely on a safe space to respond and receive responses from students around the globe.

  • Countries

    El Salvador