Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Our goal is to empower more teachers and school leaders to create learning environments that meet the unique needs, interests and learning preferences of each child while supporting them as a whole person – taking into account their physical, social and emotional development. Learners should also be able to make and demonstrate progress in the way that suits them best, at their own pace, inside and outside of the traditional classroom.

  • Year of Inception


  • Geo Focus

    Low-Income Countries, Middle-Income Countries, High-Income Countries, Low and Middle-Income Countries, High and Middle-Income Countries

  • Total Outcomes

    Helps millions of students

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Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is a new kind of philanthropic organization that brings together world-class engineering, grant-making, impact investing, policy, and advocacy work.

Palo Alto, United States