Bridge Intl. Academies

Bridge Intl. Academies

Summary: Bridge International Academies is a large-scale chain of low-cost private schools that uses a technology-enabled approach to provide standardized primary education through its "Academy in a box" model, allowing the chain to scale quickly and keep costs low. --- Bridge International Academies is a chain of over 300 low-cost private schools in Kenya with approximately 100,000 students enrolled. Bridge has designed an "Academy in a Box" model, which seeks to deliver high quality education through standardization. Bridge invests heavily in developing a robust curriculum created by experts in the education field. The curriculum itself is standardized and transformed into scripted lesson plans, which include step-by-step instruction...

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Bridge Intl. Academies

Bridge is a social enterprise founded to improve the quality of education for low-income students in the dev. world, including >300k children to date.

Nairobi, Kenya
Facts & Figures
  • Countries

    Kenya, India, Uganda, Nigeria

  • Description of Scale and Reach

    Bridge was founded in 2007 and opened its first Bridge International Academy in January 2009 in the Mukuru slum in Nairobi. Bridge began by offering kindergarten, Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. By the end of its first year Bridge had 299 students enrolled across two academies and had launched mobile payments for academy fees. In 2010, Bridge opened 8 more academies in Nairobi, reaching 1,341 students enrolled by the end of the year. 2011 saw Bridge’s first significant expansion outside of Nairobi (to Naivasha and Nakuru) and 28 new academies added. Nursery Class and Class 4 were also added. By 2012, a total of 83 academies had been established reaching 25,472 enrolled students. Baby Class and Class 5 were added, and the smartphone Academy Manager application was rolled out to all academies. In January 2013, Bridge opened 51 new academies, resulting in a total of 134 academies and 53,216 students. Bridge now has teams on the ground in Uganda, Nigeria, and India.