BRIDGE connects education innovators into communities of practice, fostering linkages between civil society, government, funders, practitioners, teachers, principals, and parents to promote the sharing of effective education practices. Since its founding in 2010, BRIDGE has sought to build communities of practice for education innovators in South Africa in order to improve the educational system. The organization focuses on school leadership, teacher development and accountability, socio-economic conditions of learners, and learning and teacher resources. To date, BRIDGE has connected 1,409 organizations and 4,670 members, creating over 4.8 million beneficiaries. BRIDGE carries out three principal activities: • Convening and facilitatin...

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BRIDGE is a non-profit organization that drives collaboration and co-operation among stakeholders in education to increase their collective impact on the system.

Facts & Figures
  • Description of Scale and Reach

    When Bridge was founded in In July 2010, the organization had four communities of practice in Cape Town. As of April 2013, then Bridge has developed ten new communities in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

  • Countries

    South Africa