Education innovations and organizations in Sudan.


Education innovations and organizations in Sudan.

Building the Resilience of Youth: War Child in Sudan

War Child Canada's Sudan project has directly reached 29,456 learners and an estimated 211,330 indirect beneficiaries in West Darfur since 2005. The project targets out-of-school children and at-ri...

Can't Wait to Learn Sudan

The Can't Wait to Learn Sudan project delivers out of school Sudan mathematics curriculum to out-of-school children through a self-paced, interactive, tablet-based program that children access in c...

Dreams from the Slums

Making the dreams of vulnerable children become a reality via education, empowerment and sound mentorship.

Koinonia Community Rescue Centers

These centers work with street children in Nairobi to rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate them into the society. The rescued children are housed at the centers where they are offered basic needs a...

Leadership Beyond Boundaries

Leadership Beyond Boundaries seeks to make leadership training accessible to individuals and organizations in developing countries. This initiative ultimately aims to harness the power of leadershi...

Mango Tree's Northern Uganda Literacy Programme

Our vision is that African citizens have the opportunity to read, write, and engage with ideas in all the languages they use in their daily lives.

Mindset Learn

Mindset Learn delivers curriculum-aligned e-learning content and materials over television and the internet for use by students, teachers and parents in the classroom and at home, aimed to increase...

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