Student Assessment

Education development organizations and activities around student assessment.

Student Assessment

Education development organizations and activities around student assessment.

"Broad Class - Listen to Learn" Interactive Radio Instruction Program

The Broad Class - Listen to Learn radio program aims to improve access to quality education for in-school and out-of-school public primary school children in Islamabad using Interactive Radio Instr...

ASER Evidence for Action

Founded in 2005 the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) is the largest citizen-led household survey in India. With support from about 25,000 volunteers, ASER assesses over 700,000 children in ...

Access to Education: War Child Canada in the Democratic Republic of Congo

War Child, in conjunction with local Congolese organizations, the Ministry of Education, radio stations, and community members in South Kivu province, is rebuilding education infrastructure by repa...

Activity Based Learning

Activity Based Learning (ABL) is a methodology where children of different ages are grouped together in one class and learn at their own pace through teacher-facilitated exercises.

Akshara Ganitha

Akshara Ganitha focuses on improving and achieving numeracy skills and basic literacy among the students of class 1 to 5 in the educationally struggling rural government schools.


Anandadhara is an educational resource center to ensure that children develop into citizens of today and tomorrow after receiving practiced, qualitative, and equitable tailor-made education.

Anseye Pou Ayiti

Anseye Pou Ayiti ("Teach for Haiti" in Haitian Creole) recruits, trains and places recent top university graduates and current teachers into under-resourced rural primary schools for two-year fello...

Chalk House Play & Learn Centers

Chalk House Play & Learn Centers cater primarily to the education needs of disadvantaged children who have not only missed out on the benefits of early childhood learning, but are presently without...

Class Of Your Own http://classofyourown.com

Class Of Your Own works creates world-leading, STEM-focused 
Built Environment and Infrastructure learning programmes that deliver social, 
economic and environmental benefits to local communities.

Coaching School Leadership to Achieve High Learning Outcomes

The project aimed to demonstrate that improving Head Teachers' school leadership competencies had a positive impact on pupils' learning outcomes. Three models, and a non-treatment group, were teste...

Complete Business Accountant - CBA

This unique course offered by TeamLease is designed to garner the specific requirements of accounting and finance for graduates to provide them opportunities for work. It encompasses essential know...

Creative Learning Centres (CLCs) for Girls aged 10-18 in Greater Kampala

Creative Learning Centres (CLCs) for Girls aged 10-18 in Greater Kampala, funded by DFID's Girls' Education Challenge (GEC) establishes an environment of out-of-school girls to learn creatively and...

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