Education innovations and organizations in Senegal.


Education innovations and organizations in Senegal.

Community Empowerment Program (Tostan)

Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program (CEP) uses a nonformal, human rights-based approach to education wherein it aims to empower communities with the knowledge and tools that will enable them to ...

Education de Base (EDB) Program

The Education de Base (EDB) project was a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors at the national, regional, and local levels to transform middle school education in Senegal. Th...

Global Teenager Project

Connecting learners around the world through web-based classrooms

Junior Achievement Company Program

Through school based enterprise clubs, the Junior Achievement Company Program provides children an opportunity to develop critical professional skills. Pupils in Form 3 form a company and undertake...

Leadership Beyond Boundaries

Leadership Beyond Boundaries seeks to make leadership training accessible to individuals and organizations in developing countries. This initiative ultimately aims to harness the power of leadershi...

Mindset Learn

Mindset Learn delivers curriculum-aligned e-learning content and materials over television and the internet for use by students, teachers and parents in the classroom and at home, aimed to increase...

Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE)

SAGE is a global entrepreneurship program that emphasizes civic duty and responsibility among high school students. Students form teams and develop socially responsible businesses (SRBs) or social ...

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