Education innovations and organizations in Rwanda.


Education innovations and organizations in Rwanda.

ARED Micro Franchise Program

The ARED micro franchise business model is a business in a box solution with a smart solar kiosk used for selling services at a fee. It's a way to provide people at the base of the pyramid, especia...

Achieving Learning Outcomes for All (ALOA)

ALOA trains and supports teachers on an ongoing basis to use learner-centered methods in their classrooms.

AflaAcademy for Financial and Social Education

This project implemented the Aflatoun program offering financial and social education to Rwandan children through a learner-centered teacher training program drawing on active learning methods, and...

Akazi Kanoze

Akazi Kanoze is a youth livelihood program that works to improve youth access to employment opportunities by creating effective linkages between youth, the Rwandan economy and the public and privat...

Camara - Transforming Education

Camara is a Not-for-Profit operating a social enterprise model that uses technology to deliver 21st Century Skills to improve education in disadvantaged communities in Kenya. Camara eLearning packa...

Coaching School Leadership to Achieve High Learning Outcomes

The project aimed to demonstrate that improving Head Teachers' school leadership competencies had a positive impact on pupils' learning outcomes. Three models, and a non-treatment group, were teste...

Community Engagement in the Management of School Resources

This project seeks to improve community engagement in the management of school resources with the long term aim of improving the quality of primary and lower secondary education.

Early Childhood Care-giver Professional Development and Certification Programme

This program places unemployed young women, the majority of whom are girls that dropped out of secondary school, in internships in early childhood development (ECD) centers. Upon completion of thei...


Edify supports the improvement of affordable independent Christian schools by expanding their access to capital through loans, then provides technical assistance to drive both pedagogical and opera...

Emergent Literacy and Maths Initiative

The Rwandan Emergent Literacy and Maths Initiative (ELMI) aimed at more inclusive and effective learning for all pre-school children to better prepare them for entering primary school.

FAWE Centres of Excellence

FAWE's two Centres of Excellence (COE) in Kenya are a part of a larger group of 19 schools that provide gender-sensitive school management and teacher training and implement gender-sensitive curric...

First Steps (Intera za Mbere)

First Steps (Intera za Mbere) promotes healthy early childhood development by providing holistic parenting education through radio-facilitated peer learning groups and increasing access to emergent...

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