Education innovations in India


Education innovations in India

1001 Stories

1001 Stories is a literacy development program using mobile technology to motivate children from traditionally marginalized and underserved communities to read, write and create innovative stories ...

ARK Education Voucher Program

ARK is piloting an education voucher scheme in the poorest areas of Delhi to encourage families to claim their entitlement to free private school places by distributing picture guides to inform par...

ASER Evidence for Action

Founded in 2005 the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) is the largest citizen-led household survey in India. With support from about 25,000 volunteers, ASER assesses over 700,000 children in ...

Activity Based Learning

Activity Based Learning (ABL) is a methodology where children of different ages are grouped together in one class and learn at their own pace through teacher-facilitated exercises.

Adopt a Village - Build a School Initiative

Free the Children works in the education sector through donors who can choose between sponsoring the construction of a school/library, supporting the purchase of school supplies, or paying for teac...

After School Life Skills Program

The After School Life Skills Program uses the medium of Sports and Arts to engage and develop critical life skills. The program is an Innovation Lab where new approaches to Life Skills development ...

Agastya Mobile Science Labs

The Agastya Mobile Science Labs inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity in rural students and teachers through hands-on, interactive learning methods for science education.

Akanksha After-School Centers

Akanksha provides non-formal education using existing under-utilized school buildings to children from low-income communities who otherwise would not have access to education.

Akshara Ganitha

Akshara Ganitha focuses on improving and achieving numeracy skills and basic literacy among the students of class 1 to 5 in the educationally struggling rural government schools.

American India Foundation's Our Family Our Neighborhood Our World (O3)

O3 attempts to foster cross-cultural understanding and social good by connecting students, educators, and artists in India, Pakistan, and the United States through the dynamic power of multimedia, ...


Anandadhara is an educational resource center to ensure that children develop into citizens of today and tomorrow after receiving practiced, qualitative, and equitable tailor-made education.

Avanti Learning Centers

Avanti Learning Centers seeks to increase the access of high potential, low-income students in India to higher education in top Indian universities and IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology), throu...

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