Education innovations and organizations in Ethiopia.


Education innovations and organizations in Ethiopia.

Accelerated School Readiness

The ASR pilot is an accelerated 150-hour pre-literacy and pre-numeracy program for children entering Grade 1 who have not attended pre-school; it is offered through local schools using existing inf...

Badiliko Digital Hubs

Badiliko (the Kiswahili word for Change) introduces ICT as a new mode of learning. Badiliko Digital Hubs are situated in clusters of schools or at community centers, and they provide infrastructure...

Camara - Transforming Education

Camara is a Not-for-Profit operating a social enterprise model that uses technology to deliver 21st Century Skills to improve education in disadvantaged communities in Kenya. Camara eLearning packa...

Dreams from the Slums

Making the dreams of vulnerable children become a reality via education, empowerment and sound mentorship.

Education Beyond Borders Teacher Training

Education Beyond Borders seeks to empower teachers in disadvantaged regions to deliver quality education and learning for their students. This is achieved through a sustainable, peer-led teacher tr...

Getting Ready for School

The Getting Ready for School program trains older children to actively engage with pre-school children in their communities, helping young learners prepare for a successful transition to primary sc...

IIRR Pastoralist Education Project

The IIRR Pastoralist Education Project bridges curriculum and literacy gaps for children in nomadic families and for under-educated adults in rural Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda. This is achieved by ...

LINK School Performance Review

SPR enables rural districts and schools to audit performance against nationally approved education quality indicators to improve the levels of education service delivery. SPR data is analyzed to de...

Leadership Beyond Boundaries

Leadership Beyond Boundaries seeks to make leadership training accessible to individuals and organizations in developing countries. This initiative ultimately aims to harness the power of leadershi...

Life Skills & Literacy for Improved Girls' Learning in the Wolaita Zone of South-Western Ethiopia

Life Skills & Literacy for Improved Girls' Learning is an initiative in the Wolaita zone of south-western Ethiopia that seeks to increase enrollment, retention & learning rates for primary school g...

Literacy Boost

Literacy Boost works with students, teachers, and communities to encourage reading, improve reading instruction, and strengthen core reading skills. The program seeks to improve learning outcomes a...

Mentor Mothers

Philani believes that children need to be healthy to be educated.The Mentor Mothers program promotes social change in basic child health and early childhood development. The approach adopts 'Positi...

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