Education innovations and organizations in Egypt.


Education innovations and organizations in Egypt.

Alashanek ya Balady Association for Sustainable Development (AYB)

Alashanek ya Balady seeks to alleviate poverty and unemployment in Egypt by empowering underprivileged youth socially and economically through demand-led technical, vocational and life skills train...

FACE Early Childhood Development Program

FACE Early Childhood Development Program is an alternative care program for orphaned, abandoned, and abused babies aged 0-2 years old in Cairo, Egypt.

FACE Salam Project for Street Children

Salam Project for Street Children seeks to significantly reduce the number of street children living and working on the streets of Cairo by providing outreach and drop-in services (basic health and...

Global Teenager Project

Connecting learners around the world through web-based classrooms

Job Placement Training

The Job Placement Training program provides students with the professional and vocational skills that are in demand by employers in the Middle East and North Africa region and places students in jo...

Leadership Beyond Boundaries

Leadership Beyond Boundaries seeks to make leadership training accessible to individuals and organizations in developing countries. This initiative ultimately aims to harness the power of leadershi...

Literacy Boost

Literacy Boost works with students, teachers, and communities to encourage reading, improve reading instruction, and strengthen core reading skills. The program seeks to improve learning outcomes a...


Nafham is a free, online education platform that hosts and produces video lessons covering the Egyptian and Syrian curricula. In addition to original video content, Nafham encourages crowd-teaching...

New Education Highway

NEH partners with existing educational institutions to provide education technology hardware, software, and training to help improve students access to and quality of education.

We Love Reading

We Love Reading (WLR) promotes an appreciation for learning by establishing community libraries and training local women to lead read aloud sessions for young children.

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