Education Finance

Aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 4.b. Scholarships

Education Finance

Aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 4.b. Scholarships

1001 Stories

1001 Stories is a literacy development program using mobile technology to motivate children from traditionally marginalized and underserved communities to read, write and create innovative stories ...


International Initiative for Impact Evaluation is an international grant-making NGO promoting evidence-informed development policies and programmes.

A New Equilibrium for Girls

A New Equilibrium for Girls centers around measures that enable marginalized, at-risk girls to attend school regularly and succeed. The project incorporates a para-education model and an interactiv...


The Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) is first and foremost a forum for policy dialogue.

ADEMA Education Program

The Education Program of ADEMA-Haiti oversees the implementation of the country's education policies in schools of the North West region and helps school attain the national education objectives th...

AFD (French Development Agency)

AFD commits financing and technical assistance to projects that genuinely improve everyday life, both in developing and emerging countries and in the French overseas provinces.

AGE Africa

AGE Africa supports disadvantaged girls in rural Malawi to complete secondary school with scholarships, an extracurricular life skills program, and post-secondary assistance to pursue higher educat...

ARK Education Voucher Program

ARK is piloting an education voucher scheme in the poorest areas of Delhi to encourage families to claim their entitlement to free private school places by distributing picture guides to inform par...

Adopt a Village - Build a School Initiative

Free the Children works in the education sector through donors who can choose between sponsoring the construction of a school/library, supporting the purchase of school supplies, or paying for teac...

Adopte una Escuela

FEPADE partners with private businesses to invest in and improve public schools in El Salvador. The project funds scholarships, equipment and materials, teacher training, technical assistance, risk...

Africa Educational Trust

AET supports education for the poorest and most excluded groups in conflict-affected areas of Africa. Currently we work in Eastern Africa.

Aga Khan Development Network

The agencies of the AKDN are private, international, non-denominational development organisations. They work to improve the welfare and prospects of people in the developing world.

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