COVID-19 Response

Information on how countries and organizations are responding to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Response

Information on how countries and organizations are responding to COVID-19.


As most governments close schools around the world, CEI will keep this page updated with new initiatives, research, and opportunities as the education sector adapts and responds to the COVID-19 crisis.

"Aprendo en Casa" (C-19)

"Aprendo en Casa" is a national emergency platform developed by the Costa Rican government to disseminate educational resources, including media program streams for kids, parents, and teachers.

Kolibri Uganda (C-19)

Kolibri makes high quality education technology available in low-resource communities such as rural schools, refugee camps, orphanages, non-formal school systems, and prison systems.

Rising Radio Program (C-19)

A partnership between Rising Academy Network (RAN), EducAid, and the Sierra Leone government will launch a national distance learning program for primary school children, using radio and SMS.

Tanzania Home Economics Association

TAHEA Mwanza facilitates development processes among resource poor families and communities, supporting them to utilize their potential to improve their living standards socially and economically.

Windle International Uganda

A registered INGO that aims to equip refugees and persons affected by conflict to meet challenges of development through providing access to quality education opportunities in Uganda.

Juggling distance and hybrid education - the mental health impacts on 61,000 parents

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