Community Engagement

Education development organizations and activities around сommunity engagement.

Community Engagement

Education development organizations and activities around сommunity engagement.

"Broad Class - Listen to Learn" Interactive Radio Instruction Program

The Broad Class - Listen to Learn radio program aims to improve access to quality education for in-school and out-of-school public primary school children in Islamabad using Interactive Radio Instr...

A Community-Based Conscious Discipline Program to Reduce Corporal Punishment in the Caribbean

The program, also known as Saving Brains Grenada, is working to shift parenting attitudes and behaviors to support healthy brain development in children 0 to 3. The program trains paraprofessionals...

Access to Education: War Child Canada in the Democratic Republic of Congo

War Child, in conjunction with local Congolese organizations, the Ministry of Education, radio stations, and community members in South Kivu province, is rebuilding education infrastructure by repa...

Active Inclusion of the Most Vulnerable Children in Education

The Active Inclusion project collaborates with communities in 5 informal settlements in Kisumu municipality to ensure that children complete nine years of basic education.


Oando Foundation seeks to create a world-class learning environment in 100 primary schools across Nigeria by 2015 by holistically addressing the needs of students, teachers, and school leaders thro...

African Revival: LEARN (Learning and Earning through School Gardens)

The African Revival LEARN Program works in the post-conflict regions of northern Uganda to strengthen school communities by engaging parents in school life and accountability. To achieve this end, ...

Akazi Kanoze

Akazi Kanoze is a youth livelihood program that works to improve youth access to employment opportunities by creating effective linkages between youth, the Rwandan economy and the public and privat...

Akshara Ganitha

Akshara Ganitha focuses on improving and achieving numeracy skills and basic literacy among the students of class 1 to 5 in the educationally struggling rural government schools.

Anseye Pou Ayiti

Anseye Pou Ayiti ("Teach for Haiti" in Haitian Creole) recruits, trains and places recent top university graduates and current teachers into under-resourced rural primary schools for two-year fello...


BRIDGE is a non-profit organization that drives collaboration and co-operation among stakeholders in education to increase their collective impact on the system.

Baale Mane (Girls' Home)

Baale Mane is a girls' home that aims to provide support for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds with long-term support in an environment that has the feel of a home rather than an institution. Th...

CHINANSI Foundation

The Chinansi Foundation aims to alleviate human suffering and social injustices by providing hope for socioeconomic development. Chinansi manages the Mwanawanga Early Childhood Development (ECD) pr...

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