Education innovations and organizations in Colombia.


Education innovations and organizations in Colombia.


Bhartiyavidya is a curriculum-based digital classroom teaching aid designed specifically for teachers across government and private schools. It focuses on empowering the teachers to deliver a quali...


BridgeIT uses mobile phones to deliver professional development materials and educational resources to teachers. The program's aim is to enhance teacher and school system capacity through comprehen...

Design for Change (DFC)

Design for Change (DFC) is a global movement that aims to empower students to say "I CAN" and inspire others by telling their own stories of change. The program has introduced its unique curriculum...

Escuela Nueva

The Escuela Nueva model was originally developed in the mid-1970s to improve the quality of rural public schools in Colombia. Centered around the use of an active learning methodology, Escuela Nuev...

Financially Self-Sufficient Schools

A financially self-sufficient network of secondary schools which give low-income students the opportunity to receive a quality education while learning practical agricultural and business skills th...

Integrated Intervention Targeted at Deprived Preschool Children

This intervention is developing, piloting and evaluating a reformed curriculum for home visiting services and group meetings run by FAMI, the national parenting program in Colombia targeting disadv...


Kuepa provides affordable online and real-world classes to help low-income individuals in Latin America and the US complete GED, vocational, and technical skills programs.

Literacy Education and Math Lab (LEMA)

The Literacy Education and Math Lab (LEMA) is a playful space for the exploration of reading, writing and math. The labs can be established in or out of the school, and are the responsibility of "L...

Lumni Peru

Lumni Peru seeks to increase access to higher education in Peru through an innovative financing model in which Lumni-Peru pays for higher education for promising students, who, in return, commit a ...

Palabrario & Numerario

Reaching nearly 400,000 students across Colombia, Palabrario & Numerario (Literacy and Numeracy) is a community-oriented teacher-training program that works with primary schools at the municipal le...

PenPal Schools

PenPal Schools provides six-week courses on global issues and connects its students with a partner from around the world to help them understand others' cultures, ideas, and perspectives on these t...

Suraksha Education Centers

A holistic approach to addressing persistent poverty, Suraksha centers leverage innovative teaching methods, community engagement strategies, education technology, and more to ensure that students ...

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