Education innovations and organizations in Brazil.


Education innovations and organizations in Brazil.

Design for Change (DFC)

Design for Change (DFC) is a global movement that aims to empower students to say "I CAN" and inspire others by telling their own stories of change. The program has introduced its unique curriculum...

Escola Que Vale

Escola Que Vale provided continuing education and professional development for public school managers and teachers, offering onsite training in the subjects of Portuguese, math, and art, as well as...

Escuela Nueva

The Escuela Nueva model was originally developed in the mid-1970s to improve the quality of rural public schools in Colombia. Centered around the use of an active learning methodology, Escuela Nuev...

Financially Self-Sufficient Schools

A financially self-sufficient network of secondary schools which give low-income students the opportunity to receive a quality education while learning practical agricultural and business skills th...

Futuros Egresados (Future Graduates High School Program)

A joint scholarship and mentoring program targeting students at risk of dropping out of secondary school across Argentina.


NaTakallam ("we speak" in Arabic) recruits and hires displaced Syrians as language partners and connects them to Arabic learners around the world, providing affordable intercultural and languag...

PUPA Early Childhood Development

PUPA creates teacher training information, courses, and workshops for low-income caregivers, educators, and parents to incorporate play into their work with children 0-6.

PenPal Schools

PenPal Schools provides six-week courses on global issues and connects its students with a partner from around the world to help them understand others' cultures, ideas, and perspectives on these t...


Plexx is a digital career counsellor that allows young people without college degrees to explore occupations, find local training, and apply to jobs from their mobile phone.

Sementes Brilhantes (Bright Seeds)

Sementes Brilhantes equips caregivers in public childcare centers with the pedagogical tools and support needed to deliver proven methods for promoting early childhood development.

The Amani Institute Post Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management

The Amani Institute aims to develop global leaders of social change. Their Post Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management builds essential skills needed to be a successful change agent i...

The Global Cardboard Challenge

The Global Cardboard Challenge is an annual event that brings together teachers, parents and children in countries around the world to emphasize the importance of creativity and play in child learn...

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