Education innovations and organizations in Argentina.


Education innovations and organizations in Argentina.

Deportes para Compartir

Deportes para Compartir raises awareness about global challenges, activates global citizenship, and encourages the practice of civic values, development of a healthy lifestyle, and respect for cult...

Design for Change (DFC)

Design for Change (DFC) is a global movement that aims to empower students to say "I CAN" and inspire others by telling their own stories of change. The program has introduced its unique curriculum...

Financially Self-Sufficient Schools

A financially self-sufficient network of secondary schools which give low-income students the opportunity to receive a quality education while learning practical agricultural and business skills th...

Futuros Egresados (Future Graduates High School Program)

A joint scholarship and mentoring program targeting students at risk of dropping out of secondary school across Argentina.

Global Teenager Project

Connecting learners around the world through web-based classrooms


Kuepa provides affordable online and real-world classes to help low-income individuals in Latin America and the US complete GED, vocational, and technical skills programs.

PenPal Schools

PenPal Schools provides six-week courses on global issues and connects its students with a partner from around the world to help them understand others' cultures, ideas, and perspectives on these t...

SMILE (Stanford Mobile Inquiry-Learning Environment)

SMILE is an interactive learning model that consists of mobile learning management software and a computer server that acts as a router, wi-fi, and storage and can operate on a battery. The technol...

Teach for All

Teach for All is transforming education for the world's most disadvantaged students by training and developing effective leaders. The model gives teachers a foundation for lifetime leadership and e...

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