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From providing support to nascent ECED centers to financing and PPPs, you can find innovations aiming to get children started on the road to success at a young age.

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This topic page on girls' education in low- and middle-income countries features programs dedicated to girls' access to quality education.

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With a young and growing population coupled with many varied public and private initiatives to improve education, India is a country to look toward for innovations.

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Kenya's education system includes both free primary education and a vibrant non-state sector to augment government services.

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South Africa's education system is growing more robust by the day. We have found a strong concentration of programs working in school and student support.

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Children in living in fragile and conflict-affected states face a number of unique challenges, including violence, trauma, or a lack of access to safe spaces that hinder their ability to learn. 

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Educational technology programs around the world are taking advantage of rapid increases in internet and mobile connectivity to bolster students’ access to and quality of education.

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Public-private partnerships bridge the gap between the innovation that the private sector can experiment with and the scale and reach that the public sector provides.

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