Learn English Audio Pilot in Nigeria (LEAPIN) is working towards bridging the digital divide in Sub-Saharan Africa by utilizing an audio unit that is powered by kinetic and renewable energy to help English teachers and learners in the classroom.
Paperight turns any business with any printer and an Internet connection into a print-on-demand bookstore. By registering with Paperight for free, copy shops anywhere in the world have access to an online library from which they can legally print out books, magazines and other learning materials for consumers.
OpenEMIS, is an Open Source Education Management Information System (EMIS) designed to collect and report data on education systems. The OpenEMIS initiative aims to dramatically change access to data through open channels and transparency in the dissemination and use of disaggregated data from multiple sources for better decision-support.
Kytabu is a textbook subscription app built to provide low-cost access to digitalized versions of all Kenyan textbooks from Standard 1 to Form 4. The app allows users from low and middle-income families to rent a page, chapter or full book for time periods varying between 1 hour and 1 year.
Realizing Educational Potential for Marginalized Girls is a three-year program that aims to improve learning outcomes for 37,155 at-risk girls in Sierra Leone. The program will work in 250 government schools. Its approach has four key dimensions: education delivery, peer mentorship, teacher training, and community mobilization.
Wasichana Wote Wasome (WWW): Let All Girls Learn is a project supported by DfID (UK) that aims to improve school enrollment, retention, attendance and learning outcomes for 81,000 marginalized girls in Kenya. The project will work in 500 primary schools and their communities in two contexts: Arid and Semi Arid Lands (ASALs) and urban slums.
The USEP Student Science Fair brings students from different regions of the country together to research, create, and showcase innovative science projects.
Through the Inspiring Science Education for Girls Using ICT project, SchoolNet enhances science teaching and learning for girls in government schools by providing affordable computers, interactive multimedia resources, teacher professional development, advocacy, and hosting extra-curricular events.