Supporting The Early Childhood Workforce at Scale: The Cuna Más Home Visiting Program in Peru

Josephson, Kimberly
Guerrero, Gabriela
Coddington, Catherine
Institutional affiliation: 
Early Childhood Workforce Initiative (ECWI)
Bernard van Leer Foundation
Group for the Analysis of Development (GRADE)
Published Date: 

This report begins with an overview of ECD in Peru, including a comprehensive, multi-sectoral mapping of the key services and programs that target young children and their families. Within this complex and inter-connected system of actors, policies, and interventions, this report situates Cuna Más and profiles the diverse professionals and volunteers tasked with delivering home visiting services. The report then analyzes challenges and opportunities as they relate to the recruitment of these workers, their qualifications and skills, training and preparation, support mechanisms, working conditions, incentives, and the program’s financial resources. This study concludes with a series of recommendations on how the program can better support and strengthen its workforce to improve sustainability and further scale-up.

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