Pan African Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development Models: A Rapid Ecosystem Analysis

Donika Dimovska
Shubha Jayaram
Arjun Upadhyay
Published Date: 

First, a landscape analysis was conducted to better understand what kinds of programs exist in the ecosystem. Through in-depth desk research and drawing on existing resources such as the Center for Education Innovations and Ashoka Changemakers, key programs and actors that play a role at the secondary and tertiary level in Africa were identified.

Second, a deeper analysis into four critical areas was conducted, namely:

  • - Post-Conflict and Crisis Programs
  • - Gender Focused Initiatives
  • - Networking & Collaborative Learning Programs
  • - Skills Development Programs

The deep-dive analysis takes an in-depth look at trends and key factors in each of these four areas, and uses case studies to illustrate how programs are responding to specific challenges within these critical areas.

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