Journeys To Scale

Roland, Mark
Plaut, Daniel
Moss, Caitlin
Putcha, Vidya
Josephson, Kimberly
Castillo, Nathan
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To effectively leverage these innovations, it is critical to identify those which hold potential, test them in a specific context and, depending on the results, adapt and scale them to other contexts. In an effort to support this cycle, UNICEF and the R4D’s Center for Education Innovations (CEI) launched the Innovations in Education Initiative. In 2014, 162 programs applied to receive financing from UNICEF and technical support from both organizations. Five programs were selected as finalists based on a number of criteria, such as equity, learning, access, and systems strengthening.

Journeys to Scale accompanies these innovations from Brazil, Ethiopia, Ghana, Peru, and Sudan, as they strive to increase their impact. Drawing from the challenges faced and strategies employed to overcome such hurdles, it lays out clear recommendations for implementers, donors, policymakers and researchers who want to support innovation.

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