The Global Partnership for Education Open Data Initiative

The Global Partnership for Education
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Global Partnership for Education
World Bank
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The Global Parternship for Education's Open Data Initiative has gathered over 11,000 data points from over 29 countries to build its monitoring and eevaluation strategy. The datasets compare education targets to actual results in each GPE developing country partner to help countries assess their progress, develop evidence-based programs to address children's educations, and access aggregate joint sectore review documents, grant applications, and key outcome visualizations.

The data available on the website covers the following:

  • Key education outcomes and targets
  • Domestic, external, and GPE financing
  • Learning outcomes, particularly reading and numeracy assessments
  • Composition of Local Education Groups (LEGs) and development partners
  • Aid effectiveness in the education sector.


All GPE datasets are downloadable to PDF and Excel formats. 

Main Approach: