GSES Integrated Mathematics Programme

A comprehensive mathematics development program that integrates online student activities and assessments, teacher professional development, student performance analysis, targeted student support, school management development, and the facilitation of professional learning communities.
Green Shoots Education Services
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35 406
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Western Cape
Cape Town Metropole
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The GSES Integrated Mathematics Programme (IMP) is a technology assisted learning program that enables schools to run a structured and accountable mathematics curriculum. The GSES IMP incorporates structured online courses, online assessments, and student progress data analysis with teacher professional development courses. The schools that the GSES IMP currently supports are all located in socio-economically disadvantaged areas.

Student performance analysis is conducted twice per semester using extensive online reporting and analysis tools which give the school administrators and teachers a high-level overview of current student performance. These tools offer the ability to easily collect and analyze teacher, grade, class, and individual student data. Curriculum planners and teachers can make informed educational and operational decisions based on this real-time information. Teachers can track class and student progress using assessment data and easily group learners to provide individualized teaching based on particular areas of need.

Curriculum content analysis by the GSES IMP provides data on a per child, per class, and per topic basis to inform the effectiveness of the curriculum and the teaching methodologies used. This analysis is accessible to department heads and teachers. Professional Learning Communities are facilitated between schools to allow for sharing of best practices and peer to peer support.

As part of the IMP GSES trains young individuals living in the communities where the schools are located.  These Technical teaching Assistants (TTAs) are enrolled to support the math teachers in such a way that the teachers develop confidence in the use of ITs. These TTAs become part of the immediate school community with a clearly defined career path.

All Green Shoots projects have a strong emphasis on their sustainability beyond the life of the Project. Green Shoots recognizes that investing in developing young people from within the communities it serves provides not just sustainability but much needed upliftment.