GRACE Association: Access and Quality Primary Education for all Children through Community-School Networks in Pakistan

GRACE Pakistan aims to raise awareness among parents, teachers, and communities about enrolling all children, especially girls and children with disabilities, into primary school and to create accessible and safe environments in existing public and private primary schools for children with special needs.
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GRACE Association Pakistan
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GRACE Association was piloted to raise awareness about the needs of children with disabilities, and to create an inclusive environment in primary schools that is safe and accessible for all children. GRACE works with existing public and private primary schools in the extreme northern areas of Pakistan, namely the Gilgit Baltistan region. Parents, teachers and communities are targeted to raise their awareness about discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, language, religion, nationality, social origin, and economic condition. 

The campaign includes awareness seminars, advocacy meetings, and data collection on out-of-school children, especially girls and children with disabilities. One of the primary goals of this campaign is to enhance community participation in school programs and create an institutional infrastructure through community-school networks (CSNs). CSNs provide a platform for the school community to identify issues related to their children's education, share experiences and educational resources, plan school development programs, develop linkages, mobilize resources for the schools, and network with other schools or organizations to promote and support access and quality for all children.