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The Hewlett Foundation’s Global Development and Population Program, working in a unique partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, established the Quality Education in Developing Countries (QEDC) initiative to focus on ensuring that children learn to read, calculate, and begin to think critically by the end of third grade. QEDC has developed a strategy to demonstrate that significant changes in education—from teacher practice to donor behavior—are possible in a relatively short time. The QEDC program supports global advocacy and in-country efforts to  improve children’s learning in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mali, Senegal, Ghana, and India. Its grantmaking activities are concentrated in three areas: (1) increasing awareness and accountability for student learning by improving public knowledge about learning outcomes; (2) supporting the development of effective instruction that improves student learning at low cost; and (3) advocating for sufficient resources to improve educational quality, and for those resources to be used efficiently. 

Quality Education in Developing Countries is a time-bound initiative that concludes grant making in November 2014.  The Hewlett Foundation intends to continue supporting progress in improving learning outcomes in developing countries after that date, in particular through work on greater transparency and accountability in African countries and among international donors.

Funding Priorities

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$500,000-$1 million
$1 million and up
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Most are for 2-3 years of guaranteed support
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$1 million and up
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Area of Education: 
50% of portfolio is focused on evaluations and demonstrations; 30% is focused on citizen-Led assessments of learning outcomes; 20% is focused on resource tracking efforts and global policy
55% Sub-Saharan Africa; 25% India; 20% Global programs
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