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Firelight Foundation, previously Firelight Endowment, is dedicated to improving the lives of children affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. Firelight Foundation focuses on the well-being of the child and the roles played by the family and community. Small, grassroots organizations are often ill-equipped yet the most effective in responding to the needs of the community. Firelight Foundation partners with these community-based organizations and funds small grants to help build their capacity and strengthen the resources they provide to vulnerable children. After a partnership of up to seven years Firelight Foundation graduates these organizations, leaving them in a stronger position to apply for even larger grants. 
Firelight Foundation funds organizations that have a focus in three main areas:
  • Meeting basic material needs (such as nutrition and economic support)
  • Providing care and protection (such as psychological support and advocating for children’s rights), and
  • Facilitating access to government services (such as education and healthcare)

Firelight Foundation also funds learning circles that bring together community-based organizations with similar missions. Learning circles present networking opportunities and establish communication between organizations that share certain challenges and successes. Since its establishment in 1999, Firelight Foundation has awarded over $18 million in grants to more than 330 grassroots organizations in Africa.

Funding Priorities

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Under $100,000
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Most are investments of between 5-10 years (“Patient Capital”)
Size of overall portfolio: 
$1 million and up
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Grantmaking is largely dedicated to the Early Childhood and Primary level, with a greater focus on Early Childhood
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Grants constitute 100% of portfolio

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